Needed: A Home in South Oakville

Most people know that South Oakville is an idyllic place to live. It's got all the characteristics of a great family friendly neighbourhood:

  • Neighbours who know each other and look out for one another
  • Most home owners in the area have house pride - grass is cut, flower beds are tended to, the exterior of their homes are in good repair, and homes in the area are continually being renovated
  • Top notch schools nearby, including MacLachlan College
  • Walking distance to the charms of downtown Oakville - lots of independent restaurants and shops, and a short walk to the waterfront

Not surprisingly, my clients want to buy their forever home in this neighbourhood. And I really want to help make that happen because they are the sweetest couple ever and I know they would love all that South Oakville has to offer.

Problem is, very few homes come up for sale in this area. 

That's why I would love your help! 

If you know someone even thinking about moving out of South Oakville and they would have a home they need to sell, please forward this to them or have them drop me an e-mail at

Their home might be perfect for my clients!

And if so, I look forward to expressing my gratitude to you, and baking you cookies every week for the rest of your life ;)


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