How To Buy Your First Home 

Are you living with Mom and Dad, couch surfing, or paying someone else’s mortgage every month (aka renting) and getting kind of tired of it? If you have been thinking about wanting to join the world of home ownership but are not sure how to go about it, this blog series was written just for you!

Whether you want to lose your property virginity in a couple months or in a couple years, this practical 8 step guide to joining the Proud New Homeowner Club will help to make sure you achieve your goal and that there are no unexpected surprises in the process.

So read on, and if you have any questions, let’s grab a coffee (or iced tea if you’re like me and don’t drink coffee) and we can gab about the process of buying your first home. 

Karly's 8 Step Guide to Buying Your First Home 

Step 1: Get Your Finances In Order
Step 2: Get A Mortgage Pre-Approval
Step 3: Calculate The Cost of Buying Your New Home
Step 4: Gather The Funds Needed to Buy Your New Home
Step 5: Pick Your Side Kick
Step 6: Let the House Hunting Begin
Step 7: Make an Offer
Step 8: Close the Deal and Move In

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