House Crushes - Week of July 8, 2013

27 Toronto homes and 21 Mississauga homes made my crush list this week.  My favourite this week is the home on Nocturne Crt in Lorne Park. It has a deck that wraps around the entire house and you can access the deck from each room, and the coolest feature of this home in my opinion is the shape of it. From a bird's eye view, the home is shaped like an anchor. Check out the photo below.    

I always love hearing which home is your favourite for the week. Check out the list of homes below.

Each week I publish my list of Toronto and Mississauga homes that came on the market over the past seven days that I'm crushing on. If one of the homes catches your eye, let me know and I can get you more details. Enjoy scoping out these dreamy homes.

Toronto and Mississauga House Crushes - Week of July 8, 2013  Karly Moore - Toronto Real Estate

My Toronto House Crush Highlights

  • I love the cathedral ceilings in the second bedroom on Glenallan Rd. Whoever gets that room is very lucky!
  • The backyard on Sutherland Dr in Leaside is so lush, ideal for a gardener.
  • The design, decor and art of the semi on Berkeley St is amazing! Such a fun home on a street that I love. I have a hunch this home owner throws some really awesome parties!
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My Mississauga House Crush Highlights

  • Lorne Park home on Nocturne Crt is my favourite this week. It has a deck that wraps around the whole house and you can access the deck from each room. From a bird's eye view, this Shipp designed home is in the shape of an anchor. How unique! Check out Google Maps shot of the house above. 
  • The master bedroom in Applewood on Glorene Crt is HUGE and has a walk in closet!
  • Port Credit home on Harrison Ave caught my eye. It's a nice house, but what really caught my eye is the art above the fireplace. I saw this print in Urban Barn a couple weeks ago and I was surprised I hadn't seen it used to stage any homes yet because it's kind of got that "staging for a contemporary home" vibe. Well I guess Harrison Ave is ahead of the pack. :)
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Please note: I do not represent the sellers of these properties, unless specifically indicated.  I like looking at nice houses and think most people do too. By sharing my thoughts and collection of favourite houses here is not meant to imply I am representing the seller of these properties in any way. I can however assist you if you have questions about one these properties or would like to see a home. Have questions? Feel free to contact me anytime.