Sellers: Practice Your P-p-p-poker Face

Sellers: Practice Your P-p-p-poker Face  Karly Moore - Toronto Real Estate

When I am representing a buyer, if at all possible, I prefer to present their offer in person to the sellers and the listing agent. Good old fashioned face-to-face interaction. Gotta love it! With the majority of offers being sent by fax/e-mail these days and the two parties never meeting, I think it’s refreshing when we all actually get to meet in person.

It may sound like I am just being warm and fuzzy, and I am. But aside from that, there is a motive for my preference to present offers in person.

Often times the listing agent has forgotten to coach their clients (the sellers) to do their best “poker face” when I show up to present the offer. And I love it when this happens! It means I get to sit at the kitchen table and watch the seller’s reaction to my client’s offer. If sellers aren’t careful they can “show their cards” without meaning to.

I can learn a lot about their motivation for moving, what price they want for their house, what closing date they want, if they have already bought another house or not, are they divorcing/expecting a new baby/downsizing/etc. They may not vocalize all of these things but sometimes they will let certain details slip which shows their handBody language also speaks volumes.

By gathering all this info about the sellers and their motivation for selling, it helps my clients in the negotiating process. Maybe I learned that the sellers are desperate to move out of their house within the next two weeks. Because we now know that, my clients can consider accommodating their quick closing date but in exchange maybe we will offer a lower purchase price.

You can’t get this same insight when you send your offer by e-mail.