13 Reasons To Hire Karly Moore To Help You Sell Your Home

1. When you hire Karly Moore, you get Karly Moore. You don’t have to speak to three different people before you reach me. And when you call me, you will have my full attention. Anything less would be rude. Any e-mails sent from me are actually written by me - not a marketing company, virtual assistant, or robot.

2. This is my full time job. I don’t work a desk job during the day or moonlight as a waitress. I make a living selling real estate full time, so I give it my all. By aligning myself with a full-service brokerage, it means I receive no compensation unless and until your house sells. Working to help sell your home is my primary focus and something I take very seriously.

3. I am hands on. I have a crew of people that I work with frequently and trust implicitly, such as a fab stager and professional photographer. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be right there alongside them to give my two cents. Control freak? Maybe. I prefer to say “I’m an advocate for the small details.” But if the outcome means your home impresses buyers right off the bat, then I am fine with the former title.

4. Your home gets one chance to make a first impression, and I want to make sure it is a positive one. Prospective home buyers can be hard to please, so I want to make sure that when they walk through your front door they say “Wow!” I can help with getting your home ready before the For Sale sign goes up. I will assist with implementing staging advice and suggesting small changes that can be made around your home, like replacing an ancient dining room light fixture with a more modern one, rearranging furniture in your living room to create a better flow, or hanging a fabulous piece of artwork in your front hallway. These are just a few of the inexpensive tricks I have up my sleeve to help awe potential buyers. Once all the prep work has been done, I will call in my professional photographer to capture your home from the best angles and present these high quality photos in my marketing materials for your home.

5. You’ll be in the loop. When your home is up for sale one of the most frustrating things can be when you feel like your real estate agent has gone MIA. I will keep you up to date on feedback from showings, competing properties that come on the market, overall market conditions, etc. And after your house has sold, I won’t just disappear. I will walk you through the entire process leading up to your closing date, and be available to help with any questions even after you have moved out.

6. I use online advertising techniques. Studies indicate that the majority of home buyers are now searching for homes online, as opposed to 15 years ago when they might have relied on the local newspaper’s classifieds. Being tech savvy means I know how to advertise your home online to thousands of potential home buyers. I use Facebook and Google advertising to tailor my marketing efforts to who we think your home’s buyer will be. The buyer for a four bedroom home in a suburban area will be a very different person than someone buying a one bedroom hard loft in the west end of Toronto. Using online advertising allows me to target your home’s potential buyer pool instantly and effectively. 

7. I am a real estate nerd. I like analyzing real estate market statistics and trends. You call it boring, I call it a fun Friday night! The rush I get when my clients get the best price for their home is something I chase every day. Having my finger on the pulse helps me to educate you on what an appropriate asking price would be for your home. We can talk about different pricing strategies and I can share the benefits and risks of each one. If you're curious about how the real estate market is doing, check out the most recent monthly stats on my Market Stats page.

8. I actually give a d*mn. Happy clients make me happy. So if I can do something that I know will make my clients smile, I’ll do it. If this means helping you sell your old furniture on Kijiji, delivering you a homemade chocolate chip pie on your birthday, or checking in on your house daily while you are on vacation, consider it done!

9. I like getting to know my clients. I will remember what your dog’s name is, where you go on summer vacation every year, and what your favourite restaurant is. When you talk, I actually listen.  I like connecting with my clients and letting them get to know me too. If you are an animal lover and/or chocolate lover, I like you already!

10. I play nice with others. Hiring an agent who has established a network of fellow agents can help to sell your home faster. I am able to reach out to my network of real estate agents and see if they might have a potential buyer for your home. Through networking, I may find out that a real estate agent I know from Kitchener has buyer clients that want to purchase a home in your neighbourhood, and your home would be the perfect fit for them. Maintaining a positive and professional reputation with my co-workers is important to me, and it’s also beneficial to you.

11. Efficiency is important to me.  I know time is one of your most valuable assets, so I don’t like wasting it. I have developed systems and processes to help my business run as efficiently as possible, such as my 83 point Action Plan for selling a home. Very Type-A, I know. But it means that I can help to make the process of selling your home a smooth one, and hopefully a quick one!

12. I talk in a language you understand. I realize you don’t speak “real estate” all day long like I do, so I make a conscious effort to use plain language to explain real estate terms and contracts to my clients. Also, I believe in explaining any documentation in full detail before you put pen to paper.

13. I know that it’s about you - not me. Like you, I think big egos are a major turnoff. I’m confident that I will exceed your expectations, but I prefer to demonstrate that through my actions as opposed to talking about how great I think I am. At the end of the day you want someone who is qualified to sell your home and will be pleasant to work with, not someone with a head too large to fit through your front door.

For some random facts about me and a bit about the personal side of my life, check out my About Karly page. If you would like to chat further about how I can assist you with selling your home I would be happy to meet you at a local coffee shop or at your home, whichever you prefer. Drop me an e-mail anytime or pop your contact info in the form below. I look forward to chatting with you!

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